The Arya Group went into business in 1952 through the implementation of the first private air carrier connecting Kolkata and Siliguri with Guwahati, a feeder service across Eastern India . Following the nationalization of air carrier services, the Group extended into the growing businesses of road transportation (through Group Company Associated Transport Corporation Pvt. Ltd.) and rail freight forwarding (through Freight Forwarding of India) with a Pan-Indian presence of more than 100 branches.

The Arya Group extended into the synergic business of warehousing in various India metro cities. The Groupā€˜s largest warehousing facility (1 lac square feet) was centered in Kolkata (Taratola, a prime warehousing location) in 2010. The Arya Group ventured into the business of realty development and now has more than 1 million square feet (residential and commercial) under various stages of development. The Company is also engaged in the construction of farm houses in prime Delhi locations.

The Arya Group is headquartered in Kolkata with a business presence also in Chennai and Delhi.