The Arya Group went into business in 1952 under the charismatic stewardship of Late Abhe Ram Arya and Late Atma Ram Arya through the implementation of the first private air carrier connecting Kolkata and Siliguri with Guwahati, a feeder service across Eastern India. Following the nationalization of air carrier services, the Group extended into the growing businesses of road transportation (through Group Company Associated Transport Corporation Pvt. Ltd.) and rail freight forwarding (through Freight Forwarding of India) with a Pan-Indian presence of more than 100 branches. Soon, it brought under its service-fold Hire Purchase and Financing of automobiles and C&F Agency for Philips India Ltd. for the entire North East.

Since the company had warehouses for its own transport business this synergy allowed us to not only add a new dimension by treating warehousing and logistics as a business but also add a new concept to it by introducing multi-level warehousing. With its warehouses spread over Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, the company serves as one point center for all the mammoth needs of its dedicated Retail & FMCG Clients.

The Arya Group has always had interests in Real Estate by investing in land and also developing several projects in Kolkata and New Delhi over the last three decades. Headquartered in Kolkata and deftly steered by Mr. Raju Arya and Mr. Siddhant Arya we have developed more than 3 Lakh sqft over the years.

We now have more than 2 million square feet (residential and commercial) under various stages of development. The Company is also engaged in the construction of farm houses in prime locations in New Delhi locations.